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Est. 2019

A personal project quickly becoming a global treasure...

What started as a creative outlet and remedy for her many anxious thoughts quickly became a permanent fixture in founder, Derrica Poole's daily wellness routine.

Early one morning after a sleepless night, she grabbed a marker and an old exercise mat and began to write all of the fears that had been holding her captive. After losing track of time in a gaze at the half filled mat, Derrica heard a voice telling her to respond to each concern with a truth. Every morning for the next few months, she would return to the mat that had now become engulfed with the story of how she transitioned from broken and lost to healed and self-discovered.


After sharing the activity with a group of women and getting their raw emotions and reactions, it was obvious that her personal "little" project was something that the world needed to experience. Hence the meditation activity mat was birthed. 

Our mission is to unlock the luxury state of mind that is lying dormant within every person on planet earth.


I started Active Devotions because I know first hand the stress and pressure that can come along with simply existing. I've always been passionate about solving problems for others so when it came to my own personal life, I had to find a solution for the anxiety that was holding me back from progressing. Now it's your turn! I am sharing the Meditation Activity Mat and complimentary products with the world so that we can all unlock the "LUXURY STATE OF MIND"  that we were created to experience everyday!

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We love collaborating with individuals and groups from community wellness, education, religious organizations, etc.

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